Mainly, our premises are in the service of pilots and air sports activists of our Air Sports Club Keelutsoon, Koigi Airfield and neighbouring Skydiving Club. There are different competitions and championships held here each year. Also, people come to us just for recreation.

But, when there are no organized sports or club activities, we are open for all other customers, too. Mostly, public service institutions come here for seminars and trainings. Other clubs, private companies and private persons can also rent our facilities.

We are located in the very centre of Estonia; actually, there are equal distances to all major cities. Just 3 km from the central highway and, at the same time, all neighbours are 1 km from us. We enjoy both good access as well as remarkable privacy. Several restaurants and a local shop are also just 3 km from us.

There are several houses available for rent. Our guesthouse and clubhouse are actually former stables for horses, built in 1930s of very traditional local ironstone. Therefore, we have rebuilt them using traditional materials inside and one can find unique interior here. Sauna house has a typical Finnish sauna inside. Outside there are 4 hectares of lawn fields for activities, different barbeque shelters and a grill-house. For smoking one's fish or meat, both hot and cold smokehouses are available.

Accommodation is usually offered only as a rent of one full house or, during organized events. But, everything depends on the size of the group, purposes of stay etc.

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