Guesthouse seminary room can entertain up to 30 people. There is air conditioning and the ceiling is at 3.20 meters, plenty of fresh air. Here are free Wi-Fi, data beamer, high quality sound system and loudspeakers, A3 copying and all other usual office stuff available.

For smokers, there are several convenient places outside under roof, also a separate shelter.

Our kitchen has 45 square meters of space, enough for a good company. You can cook your own food here, all kitchenware is included and there is a wood-fired oven for baking. It is of a peculiar Southern-Estonian style; one person can also sleep on it or, some 6 persons can warm their body by sitting over there.

Guesthouse can be rented for a daily seminar or, with night stay for a group of maximum 17 people.

On the first floor there are 2 big dormitories, for 10 and 7 people respectively. There are 3 toilets and 2 showers. Usage of an electrical sauna is included in the service.

Besides the guesthouse, you can rent a separate sauna, too, if you wish a real Finnish sauna experience.

In that house, there are on the 1st floor simple bunks for up to 10 people, additionally.

Next to sauna, there is a stylish grill house where you can enjoy fireplace warmth and beauty.

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