When there is a bigger event or people need more space or, they are willing to entertain a simpler party, we have also our clubhouse available. On the ground floor, 60 people can sit inside.

There is a huge Russian oven inside wherein our manager can cook the meal for all that party, in huge iron cast pots. There are usually different traditional Estonian meals, really rustic and 'heavy'.

A mini kitchen and refrigerator are also over there. Coffee maker and thermos are both of 10 litres capacity.

There are data beamer and loudspeakers for your entertainment.

On the 1st floor, there can be set bunks for 30 people sleeping.

Those who stay in the clubhouse, will have their main sanitary needs satisfied in the Finnish sauna house, that has also 10 bunks available on the 1st floor. There are 3 field toilets outside, around the premises.

Also, one can set up tent or park motor house everywhere under big trees or on a suitable place around our almost 4 hectares of lawn.

During really big events, we can cook up to 100 litres of tasty soup in our field kitchen. The most popular one is our Country Bean Soup, containing also hulled barley, carrots and plenty of smoked pork.

For visitors who come with some bulky equipment, a huge garage is available as storage. 

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