Guesthouse visitors can cook all their meals themselves, if they like. All kitchenware and lots of different spices are at your disposal. There is no pressure to order any meals from us. Both gas and charcoal BBQ are available for your usage; there are also hot and cold smokehouses for fish and meat.

But, if you like, these are the catering options available for you.

For breakfast, different settings can be ordered, cold or hot, as you like. Please let us know beforehand.

You can order traditional Estonian meals (really rustic and heavy) from our manager. Everything of that kind is made in iron cast pots, in wood-fired oven.

Nevertheless, the easiest and quickest is to arrange food delivery from one of nearby restaurants – look at their menus below.

Mäeküla kõrts


Põhjaka mõis

Sämmi grill

There are only 3-10 kilometres to each of these and, if you have time available, it is possible to visit those places and enjoy their venues, too. Our 16-seater van can be in your service, if you like.

Our military field kitchen is available for big events, providing up to 100 litres of soup. Field catering or camp food can be ordered.

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